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Our Investment Philosophy

We understand that for many people, trying to manage your investments can be overwhelming and time consuming. At the Bongard Wealth Advisory Group we provide full service, discretionary wealth management. This means that our team will create a customized investment portfolio for you, based upon your personal and financial goals. With discretionary investment management you don’t have to worry about the day to day responsibility of monitoring your account’s growth or making investments and trades; our team will manage all of your accounts and ensure that your financial plan stays on track.

Our investment philosophy is to create diversified investment portfolios that contain high quality, blue chip companies. These are companies that you may recognize as leaders in their industries and who provide services that you probably rely on every day. We invest in companies that are able to consistently grow their earnings and cash flow. As well, we look for companies that are reliably growing their dividends and reinvesting back in their business, showing signs of continued future success. Other important considerations are factors like strong management and a solid business plan that outlines future growth.

When creating your portfolio, we choose investments from a holistic perspective and make sure that they all work well together. We hope to provide a balanced and diversified portfolio to minimize risk while also providing growth potential.

Furthermore, with Debbie’s experience from working on an institutional bond desk, we purchase all of our fixed income in the form of the actual bonds and coupons, compared to purchasing a mutual fund or an ETF. This allows us to have more control over your investments, control the downside risk and better protect your portfolio.

We want your portfolio to be comprised of investments that reflect your financial goals and will help you reach them. As well, not all investments are right for every person; we consider factors like your age and your comfort with risk to decide which investments are best suited for your portfolio. This type of customized and discretionary investment management puts you at the centre of every decision, tailoring your portfolio to you and all of your needs and desires.