Our team's family office approach to wealth management and investment strategy is based on our family's history of being in the financial services industry for over 100 years.


This history provides our team with institutional wisdom that has been passed down through five generations from conversations that have taken place in both the office and at the dinner table.

One of the key lessons that have been passed down is to always treat clients like family.

These lessons and wisdom have helped shape our approach and investment philosophy. While the investment landscape and financial planning have evolved over the last 110 years, the same core principles of investing in high-quality companies, taking a long-term approach to investments, and focusing on capital preservation remain constant. Our team prides itself on being stewards of your family's wealth and work to protect and grow that capital over generations to come.

Finally, at the Bongard Wealth Advisory Group, our team holds ourselves accountable to the highest standard of a fiduciary, to always act fairly, honestly, and in good faith for the best interest of our clients, and always put our client's needs above ours. Our team is bound to this fiduciary standard through the CIM, CFA, and CFP designation codes of conduct.


110 Years of History


“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes” – Mark Twain


Our team is unique as it is built on five generations of history of working in the financial services and wealth management industry in Canada. Starting with Bongard and Bongard in 1912, our family has been helping clients reach their wealth management goals and have gained invaluable knowledge and wisdom that is used in our approach to investing and helping clients today. Learn more about our 100 Years in Finance

Approach to Financial Planning


Our team believes that any investment strategy is not complete without a financial plan that can be used to track your progress and grow and protect your wealth. Our team takes a family office approach to wealth management and works to incorporate all aspects of your financial life into a plan including coordinating with your tax, legal, and banking professionals to create an integrated financial plan. It is our belief that a financial plan is a dynamic document that adapts as you and your family’s life changes. Learn more about our Approach to Financial Planning

Investment Philosophy


Our team understands the benefit of investing in high-quality companies and the importance of capital protection. When investing, our team selects high-quality companies that have strong financial metrics and a clear investment thesis of future growth. These are lessons that have been passed down through the years and have been stress tested in previous market cycles dating back to the Great Depression in 1929 and Black Monday in 1987.

It is our philosophy to always treat our clients like family and as such our team is invested in the same securities and investment solutions that we recommend to our clients.

By focusing on high-quality, well-run companies that generate and return cash to their shareholders and actively invest in new opportunities, we are able to use these lessons to help our clients protect and grow their wealth.  Learn more about our Investment Management

How We Work With Clients


It is our belief that we are able to provide the most value to our clients when we act as an active thinking partner. We believe that with any relationship trust and transparency are paramount and that it is important that we proactively communicate with you and your family and be always available to help.

It is our responsibility to be in communication with you to provide updates on your account and to see if anything has changed in your life in case it affects your financial plan and your investments.  We know our clients are busy, so whether it means a breakfast call at 6:30 am or chatting at your dining room table after work, we will find a time and place that works for you to make sure you’re always up to date on your finances. Learn more about how we work with our clients.