110 Years of Wealth Advice


The Bongard Wealth Advisory Group takes a disciplined team approach to managing your money and recognizes that each client has unique goals and attitudes towards risk. Our team's family office approach to wealth management and investment strategy is based on our family's history of being in the financial services industry for over 100 years. 

Our team works with you and your family to assess your unique needs and develop a tailored holistic financial plan and wealth management strategy incorporating investment management, retirement planning, insurance planning, estate planning and philanthropic goals. Our team works with your accountant and lawyer to develop tax and legal strategies to provide you and your family with personalized wealth advice.

Who We Help


Our team works with various investors, including multi-generational families, incorporated professionals, executives, business owners and foundations.

Full-Service Wealth Management

We specialize in full-service wealth management. We offer a wide variety of financial services, including financial planning and discretionary wealth management, to help you reach your financial goals.

Our Approach

Our team has a unique approach to wealth management based on 100 years of experience in the financial industry. 

Our Team

Debbie, Chris, Mark, and Rosemary have over combined 75 years of wealth management expertise. Our team is here to help with all of your wealth management needs.

Recent Updates

Factors to Consider when Starting or Buying a Dental Practice

Starting a practice from scratch or buying an existing one is a significant investment, and several important factors must be considered before embarking upon the endeavour....

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Top Wealth Tips for Dentists

We know that as a dentist, your time is often divided between running and growing your dental practice while balancing your personal life and finances....

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Spring 2023 Market Newsletter

The month of March has seen a lot happen with the collapse of multiple banks on both side of the Atlantic and bailout measures which were not able to calm the upheaval. Additionally, we saw rate hikes by both the ECB and the Federal Reserve of 50 bps...

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2023 Federal Budget

At the end of March, the government announced the Fiscal Year 2023 budget. The 2023 budget provides targeted inflation relief for low- and middle-income Canadians, strengthens public health and dental care and provide tax credits for clean energy....

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Silicon Valley Bank and the Regional Bank Crisis

In the last week, Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) has gone from being a small regional bank in northern California to the epicentre of a liquidity crisis that has been thrust into the forefront of macroeconomic issues....

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