At Bongard Wealth Advisory, we work with a wide variety of investors. Our team's family office approach to financial planning allows our team to proactively help you reach your goals and fulfill your financial aspirations. Our team specializes in working with:



Individuals and Multi-Generational Families


Our team specializes in helping individuals and families plan, invest and navigate many of life's moments. Our team can help with investing and planning for retirement, taking care of ageing parents, creating an education savings plan for grandchildren, involving the next generation in your financial affairs and estate planning, and creating a lasting legacy. Every family is unique, and our team is able to use our experiences and knowledge to guide your family to reach your goals

Professionals and Executives


Professionals and Executives have the challenge of trying to balance your complex financial affairs with your career and business. Many executives spend a lot of their time focusing on their work that little time is left over to focus on securing your financial future. Additional complexities such as stock options and heavy weighting in company shares can add to the complexity of a financial plan and investment strategy. Our team is specialized in helping Professionals and Executives deal with these complexities and work to alleviate the day-to-day financial management concerns so you can focus on work.

Foundations and Not-For-Profits


There are many unique considerations for Foundations and Not-For-Profit organizations with regards to creating a lasting investment strategy. With foundations and not-for-profits, you have been tasked as being stewards of capital and invest that capital in perpetuity while also generating cash flow for your charitable operations. Whether it is a hospital foundation that requires cash flow to fund equipment purchases or a private family foundation that makes an annual grant to charities each year, our team understands the requirements and responsibilities of each organization from our own philanthropic volunteering.

Business Owners


Being a business owner has many of its own unique opportunities and challenges. Our team is able to help with each stage of your business, from helping to grow your business with our partners in Business and Commercial Banking to secure credit to grow and expand to helping to prepare you and your business for exit opportunities. Our team works with you and your legal and accounting advisors to help create a plan to maximize your personal and business finances. 



One of the main benefits given to doctors from CRA is the ability to incorporate your medical practice and keep capital within your practice and allow it to grow in a tax-advantaged way. Our team can help physicians in every step of their training from the first discussions of when to incorporate, to planning for various financial goals and how to best optimize your financial affairs. There are many differences and opportunities depending if you are private practice or employed through a hospital with different strategies to help you reach your financial goals.



There are many unique financial situations for Dentists with regards to financial planning. Dental professionals have high equipment costs, having to run a staff of dental associates and assistants, adding new members to your practice, and your opportunities to sell your practice when approaching retirement, whether it is to your employees or to a Dental Practice Network.