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"Who Will Advise Me Now?"

A lot of people have trouble talking about money. You might consider your relationship with your investment advisor as personal as with your private doctor. It’s hard to find someone new that you like and trust. But just as other professionals are retiring and passing their businesses to the young generations, so too are investment advisors.
It is important to find a new advisor who can take care of you and your family over the next 30 years – whether you are building your nest egg or approaching retirement. 
When you are thinking of changing advisor, ask yourself these questions.
  • Does the advisor ask me about my situation before describing themselves?
  • What type of team does the advisor have?
  • Who will be responsible for my portfolios?
  • Are there a variety of age groups in the team so that both me and members of my family could be well taken care of?
  • How does the advisor define success for me and how do they report it?
  • What specific training has the advisor team pursued beyond just an investment license?
  • Is there a clear description for what it costs to be a client and what is provided?
Changing an advisor can be stressful but ultimately inaction can be costly. Proper management of your wealth can impact your retirement, your family and the legacy you could leave for future generations.

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