Tax Planning

Medical professionals earn very well, making tax planning a top priority. We have a good understanding of medical professionals’ unique tax situations and will work with a tax accountant to structure your corporate holdings and deploy other strategies such as a holding company to ensure you are tax efficient, including Individual Pension Plans (IPPs).

In addition, our team coordinates seamlessly with your accountant and lawyer to simplify money matters and we have partnerships with accountants who specialize in advising health care professionals on tax matters.


Incorporation for tax efficiency

Our team will help you incorporate in context of your overall Wealth Plan and manage the tax and estate implications. We will help you to take advantage of all allowable tax advantages, such as lower taxes, income splitting and holding money in the corporation to defer tax payment.

  • A corporation pays less tax. You can potentially earn more active business income in your medical corporation.

  • After deducting living expenses, the money left in the company is taxed at a much lower rate than your personal income. Money left in the company defers tax—you can retain it and reinvest it to grow your portfolio.

  • We can manage your medical, dental or pharmacy corporation, RRSP, various insurance policies and strategies, corporate accounts, real estate, and other holdings or financial components.


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