Strategic Insurance Planning

We work closely with BMO Estate & Insurance Advisors to assess your key risks and opportunities in your personal life and medical career, and point you towards flexible, cost-effective, multi-faceted insurance solutions that can help you preserve and enhance the wealth you’ve created.
We can recommend ways to reduce the financial impact of a premature death, disability, or taxes, and increase the financial resources available to you and your heirs through strategies such as:

  • Tax-deferred investments

  • Tax-free dividends

  • Life insurance with tax-free death benefits, and

  • Tax-advantaged annuity incomes.

BMO Estate & Insurance Advisors bring you access to a broad range of insurance products offered by some of the largest and most established insurers in Canada.
Insurance as a tax planning tool
Insurance can help you to preserve and enhance the value of your estate, minimize taxes, fund health care and support your charitable giving goals. If you have accumulated sufficient RRSPs for retirement and significant investments in a non-registered account and want to minimize your tax burden and eventually transfer them to your children tax-efficiently, we may recommend that you transfer your non-registered assets into a life insurance policy with your children as the beneficiaries. The death benefit will create a tax-free estate for them.