Personal & Commercial Banking

We understand that your career keeps you very busy. Our bespoke Private and Commercial Banking services can save you time and money.


Not all banks offer both personal and professional banking services. BMO Private Wealth offers professional credit solutions for dentists, doctors and other specialists for their medical clinic financing needs. You can enjoy the convenience of managing your family and practice banking and borrowing all at the same firm.



In fact, we can serve multiple financial needs under one roof to save you time and money and guide you through all the red tape:


Our team has a close relationship with BMO Private Wealth Private Banking professionals. By collaborating with these professionals and integrating their advice into your overall wealth profile, we can help you:

  • Record and protect valuable information to preserve the value and ease the transferability of your company or practice.

  • Enjoy access to the convenience and financial advantages of customized Private Banking, Business Banking, Commercial Banking and BMO Trust Company services​.


Private Banking


Your Private Banker will provide nuanced and attentive service. He or she will:

  • Get to know you and build a long-term relationship with you.

  • Simplify your banking and take care of your day-to-day needs with white-glove service to reduce time, costs and stress.

  • Offer you enhanced rates and lending opportunities in certain circumstances.

  • Connect you with BMO lending experts for:

    • A medical professional’s line of credit and credit cards at good interest rates,

    • Incorporation and tax planning advisory services,

    • Business mortgages, and

    • Capital financing and cash flow management.


Structured processes ensure efficiency.  
For example:

  • Your medical, dental or pharmacy corporation receives payment and pays out expenses, including your salary.

  • We move your corporate savings out of your current account monthly.

  • When your salary arrives in your chequing account, we transfer your RRSP contributions.

  • Each month, all cash flows are completed without any human interaction.

  • ​This keeps things easy, ensures contributions are made in a disciplined manner, and minimizes the time you need to spend on your financial management.