Unlike some wealth management firms that only offer pooled funds, we can create a highly customized portfolio of individual securities for your unique needs, vision and values.
Individual securities can include equities, Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs); bonds and other fixed income instruments, flow-through shares, preferred shares, alternative investments, among other securities. Owning them rather than pooled funds offers several benefits:

  • They give us more flexibility for tax management purposes.

  • They reduce your fees because fund company fees are eliminated.

  • You know exactly what companies you own, which is part of the intrigue of investing can help you maintain confidence in market downturns.

We can help you create an Individualized Pension Plan (IPP), which allows you to defer more capital than RRSPs and also provides other benefits.

We can invest in alignment with your values and commitment to wellness through ESG investing in companies that demonstrate strong environmental, social and governance practices.