Estate Planning

With our partners across BMO Private Wealth, we can guide you through the major decisions that touch multiple generations for long-lasting impact, ensure a smooth and orderly transition to your heirs through effective trust and estate administration, and offer a complete range of trust and estate services with compassionate guidance, proven skills and experience.



Conversations may centre on such topics as:

  • Creating a Will or ensuring it is relevant and up to date

  • Designating your Powers of Attorney (for managing property and for healthcare and personal care), beneficiaries, executor(s), trustee(s), guardian(s) or ensuring these are relevant and up to date

  • How to designate the best individuals to take on serious responsibilities

  • Accuracy of details such as account numbers, names and contact information

  • How different assets will be taxed upon your death

  • Vacation property succession planning to keep the family cottage in the family

  • Your medical professional corporation:

    • Partnership agreements

    • Group practice arrangements

    • Secure storage/disposal of patient records

    • Succession planning in case you unexpectedly become unable to continue functioning in your practice or business, transferring it to a successor, or winding it up and selling the assets

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