A Message from Our Wealth Advisors


Don Chung, M.B.A., CIM®

Senior Vice-President & Senior Wealth Advisor
Financial Planner


Paul Myring, B.A., CFP®
Wealth Advisor
Financial Planner


Dear Prospective Client,

    We are excited to embark upon a new financial foray, a new robust relationship with you. We look forward to protecting your principal investment and to growing your future portfolio with our innovative financial strategies. During these evolving times, we will continue to use our rapidly-evolving expertise, our steadfast standards of integrity, and our commitment to exceptional service to pave the way towards your and your family’s stable future.

    Our mission is to use our wealth management expertise to help you achieve your life’s dreams. By facilitating your discovery of your financial goals, we can work together to create a unique, future-facing investment strategy that fits your needs. We will manage your customized portfolio in a way that both yields increasing returns and balances risk levels. Even as we continue to collectively grow and reach for new opportunities that develop in the marketplace, we will always remain grounded by our core values.

    We are built upon the foundations of expertise, integrity, and service. We pride ourselves in being the premier financial resource to our clients and our sincere regard for you drives us to pursue continued industry expertise. We endeavor to uphold both your confidence in us and our tradition of exceptional customer service. Our team, as well as the both of us, are well-prepared and eager to take on the new challenges that each business cycle will bring. As the market rises and falls, we will anticipate, adjust, and respond with it. Our unrelenting progress in ensuring continued growth along with reliable stability is due to our strong faith in our team’s core values: expertise | trust | service and our financial outlook:




It is our sincere hope that you will join our wealth management family. We look forward to meeting with you and to helping you discover how your financial goals can help you achieve your life’s dreams.


Sincerely yours,
Don Chung & Paul Myring