By taking a step back to analyze the complete picture, we are able to build a plan that can encompass all your plans for the future. Our team looks forward to helping you discover your goals for your estate preservation and your retirement.

Estate Preservation

For many of our clients, estate preservation is a major concern. Questions about whether your family will be provided for years into the future and how your charitable organizations can receive your bequests may be as yet unanswered. Although estate preservation may be difficult to think about, it is vital to keeping your family’s future secure.

Important questions to think about:

  • Are you ever worried about maintaining your family’s standard of living far into the future?

  • Have you calculated the impact of income taxes and other costs can have on your estate?

  • Have you wondered about how your estate will be distributed?

  • Have you thought about how your Power of Attorney can protect your finances and manage your personal care?


Reduce uncertainty: let’s answer these questions together!
By working through our estate preservation program, you can begin to build a protected future for your family.

Our Action Steps for Preserving Your Estate:

  1. assess your estate’s key risks and opportunities through our detailed Estate Analysis

  2. use our Estate Information Organizer to help the future executor of your estate complete your wishes

  3. explore our solutions -designed to preserve and enhance your wealth

  4. reduce tax: make detailed plans for charitable giving

  5. use insurance, when applicable, to preserve and enhance the value of your estate

Retirement Planning

In today’s world, retirement involves extensive planning beforehand. People are living longer and generally need more money to maintain their lifestyles. With the sandwich generation, more and more people are finding the costs during retirement high –needing to support adult children, grandchildren, and ageing parents. Together, we can analyze the costs you see during retirement, the saving possibilities now, and the income that may be generated during your future retirement.

Questions we will address together:

  • How do we balance saving for retirement with debt repayment?

  • Who might be dependent on our savings during retirement?

  • How do we envision our retirement lifestyle?

  • How will our health costs impact our retirement savings?


With retirement planning, there are countless aspects that we need to take into account. Increasing heath care costs and declining pension payments are pushing us to seek out different ways to ensure sufficient income during retirement.

During retirement, there are many costs, but we can help you realize the numerous sources of savings that are also available. Let us help you plan for the contingencies in life.

Join us! Let’s get started with a few ways to begin your retirement planning:

  1. access your potential retirement risks in advance so that you can address and prepare for them in your plan

  2. start retirement income planning 10 years in advance to reposition your portfolio and close any gaps if necessary

  3. invest in products that offer a guaranteed lifetime income

  4. invest in products that deliver returns above inflation and protect your savings

  5. invest in critical illness/ long-term care insurance policies to prepare for contingencies

Please contact us to begin preserving your estate and planning your retirement today!

Estate and Retirement Planning

We know that estate preservation and retirement planning can be major, confusing concerns. Let us help!

Our team focuses on a complete, individualized wealth management experience. We do not just help manage your investments; we help manage your life’s goals. When creating a plan for you, our first considerations are your concerns about your family, your health, and your future lifestyle. Work together with our team -set your heart at ease- as we plan your future, preserving your estate and setting retirement goals.

When thinking about estate preservation and retirement planning, we know that your loved ones are a priority. Let our holistic approach give you peace as you look toward the future –and we plan for you and your family.