Philanthropic Services

You work in a busy, high-demand environment. Rather than scramble at the end of the year to donate to charities, lean on us for more strategic philanthropic solutions to meet your charitable goals and minimize tax.
Through a strategic, process-driven approach, we can help you to translate important personal values into a philanthropic investment in an organization or cause that resonates with your beliefs to make a measurable impact. Our goal is to help your family to leave a lasting legacy in the community.

We will:

  • Assist you and your family with both giving and tax efficiency by including strategic philanthropic strategies in your estate plan

  • Enrich your knowledge of the charitable sector

  • Conduct research based on your aspirations to help select philanthropic investments geared to make an impact

  • Establish clear results and benchmarks for giving strategies

  • Ensure your personal values are shared throughout your generations

  • Involve your entire family in charitable goal-setting


Private foundations: We can manage or assist with all related tasks, including Canada Revenue Agency charity returns, meeting preparations, recipient charities and tax compliance issues.
BMO Charitable Giving Program:​​​​​​​ This is a flexible and cost-efficient option that helps your family to maximize tax benefits.