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Build more with Mah™

Our services are all about helping you Build more with Mah™ at every stage of life – whether you’re getting married, buying a house, planning for retirement or living in retirement.

We start the process by executing on our mission, which is to have meaningful conversations with you – in which we listen more than we talk – so we can learn about you and understand you. Which allows us to build an effective financial plan for you that draws from the vast weight and knowledge of BMO Financial Group.

That plan will use a straightforward combination of just the right products, services and strategies for your unique situation. We say straightforward because we believe that the investing world is made unnecessarily complicated and mysterious. We make it far less so by having the many decades of experience it takes to comfortably say “no” to strategies that aren’t right for you. And that’s how you build more with Mah.

We also believe in having a real human touch, so if you want to learn more, let’s talk! Just call us at (416) 928-1104 or click here to reach us through our Contact Us page.


Canadian Equities/U.S. Equities

For investors with a long-term outlook, equities have historically outperformed other classes of securities. Drawing on the expertise of BMO Nesbitt Burns top-ranked* Research Department, I will recommend a well-diversified portfolio of Canadian and/or U.S. equities to help meet each client's needs for capital growth.

*Brendan Wood International Survey. Institutional Equity Research, Sales and Trading Performance in Canada, 2008 Report.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Architect Program®

The first full-featured unified managed account (UMA) in Canada. You benefit from a greater level of diversification and monitoring that provides an opportunity to enhance return potential while seeking to limit volatility. Within a single account, you have access to unparalleled investment alternatives including a wide range of leading money managers, a selection of top ranked mutual funds and Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), in addition to value-added services such as automatic rebalancing and enhanced tax management which combine to provide a more robust approach to portfolio management. You also receive the comfort of multiple layers of monitoring – BMO Nesbitt Burns Portfolio Management Advisory Group, external investment consultants, and your Investment Advisor. For a minimum investment of $150,000 the Architect Program delivers enormous benefits through a single, simplified solution.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Quadrant Program®

Based on the principle of protecting and enhancing wealth, the Quadrant Program constructs a portfolio that consists of a range of specialized mutual funds - each of which combines the talents of some of the leading investment managers in the world. Research has proven that this approach provides the optimal combination of risk control and return enhancement. The Quadrant Program is available to investors with a minimum account size of $50,000.

BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian Program®

The key to ensuring better and more timely investment decisions is understanding your circumstances, objectives, preferences, and risk tolerance before recommending personalized strategies or individual securities. With the BMO Nesbitt Burns Meridian Program, the process of getting to know you and your preferences is now even easier. With the Meridian Program, you receive the benefits of full-service advisory support from me along with the convenience and flexibility of Internet access for one all-inclusive fee based on assets under administration.

Retirement Planning

In order to achieve your retirement goals, you need to have a plan. Whether you are focused on the investment component of your retirement plan or want to know more about how to maximize family resources, there are simple, very effective methods to reduce and defer tax on investments, split income, enhance after-tax growth of wealth, and preserve accumulated capital. Through a comprehensive review and the use of the BMO Nesbitt Burns sophisticated planning software you can have a clear picture of what can be done starting today to help you attain your retirement goals.

Estate Planning

Estate planning can play a crucial role in ensuring that you have greater control of your assets during your lifetime. It can also help maximize and preserve assets from unnecessary legal and tax costs, enhance provisions for your family and future generations, and ensure that your assets will be distributed according to your wishes. I, along with an Estate and Insurance Advisor*, can review your present situation, establish your objectives and concerns, identify potential problems or risks, examine and calculate tax consequences, develop and implement strategies, co-ordinate with other advisors and monitor and update your plan as needed.

*All insurance products are offered through BMO Nesbitt Burns Financial Services Inc. by licensed life insurance agents, and, in Quebec, through BMO NB Financial Services Inc. by financial security advisors.

Asset Mix Management

A key determinant to successful investing is an appropriate mix of assets - cash, stocks and bonds. Using recommendations from BMO Nesbitt Burns' Research Department, I work closely with my clients to develop portfolios that are appropriate for them. As part of our long-term relationship, I will recommend changes to a portfolio mix if their personal circumstances change.

Fixed Income

Government and corporate bonds, T-bills and other fixed income securities constitute a major component of many of my clients' portfolios. The wide selection of issues available through BMO Nesbitt Burns is sure to include the right term and yield for any investor. I believe that fixed income vehicles offer an extremely attractive way to achieve steady income, moderate investment risk and potentially generate capital gains.