John Mah

John Mah

Investment Advisor

John Mah loves a great conversation. Especially with someone who disagrees with him.
“Every day, I seek critical conversations from trusted colleagues and industry experts.  It is important to me to challenge what I believe.”
Whether it’s scouring the media for sources of information that defy groupthink or hiking miles to the bottom of the Grand Canyon – and back up – John believes in getting outside his comfort zone. And he wants his clients to do the same.
“I think there is a lot of bad financial information in the world that confirms our biases, and it’s in our best interest to get beyond them.  Not by taking crazy chances.  Quite the opposite:  I want our clients to be diversified by owning the companies, and using the strategies, that aren’t the latest, hottest things in the headlines.”
John’s interest in research is part of his love for learning – one of his favourite aspects of his work.  So, it is not a surprise that clients celebrate him for his depth and breadth of knowledge and an ability to make complicated matters easily understandable.  To boot, they see him as highly relatable and responsive – as having a real human touch – and for staying on top of the latest news and its potential impact on the markets.
Perhaps unexpectedly, what he has learned above all, in almost 25 years as an investment advisor, is that among the most beneficial investing strategies are those developed long ago. 
“This industry will promote something on Monday and say it’s passé on Tuesday because it is always working to create new products and new delivery systems.  I want people to understand: own good quality, have a good balance, and be prepared to sleep with that. I see that Robin Hood wants 90% of the world trading online. No! You need the knowledge and experience of human advisors.
“That’s how you build more.”

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