Anthony Ko


At the Mah Investment Group, we care about more than just helping our clients grow their wealth. We also prioritize making real human connections.

As Anthony, one of our valued clients, puts it when talking to Senior Investment Associate, Louise Chow: “Louise, we trust you like you are my sister!”


Taking the EXTRA STEP of having a personal touch is incredibly important to us, and it is one of the most common points of positive feedback we receive from our clients. It forms the basis of the trust our clients have in us.


Well… that, AND our decades of combined experience building over half a billion dollars in managed assets for our clients.


Take a listen to what else Anthony has to say about what it means to Build More with Mah:



Glen Myers



When it comes to helping our clients grow their wealth, we don’t think of ourselves as working for them. Instead, the Mah Investment Group builds partnerships to work with our clients to help them build the life they want.


By taking this approach, we ensure that our advice actually matches the goals that our clients want to achieve, rather than relying upon a ‘one size fits all’ approach that might not address the unique needs of all people.


Take Glen, one of our valued clients who works with our Senior Investment Advisor, John Mah. By working together, Glen and John have been able to ensure that Glen and his family can focus on the things that are most important to their lives, including the pursuit of philanthropic endeavours.


Take a listen to Glen describe what it means to him to Build More With Mah.



Tom Albrecht



These are words that our clients use to describe the experience of working with the Mah Investment Group.


When our founder, Edward Mah, built his business starting from nothing, he wanted to ensure that his work reflected an important lesson that he learned while growing up in his parents’ restaurant: the way you treat others defines who you are.


By being PROACTIVE and building TRUST through our actions, we give our clients the PEACE OF MIND that they will be able to grow their wealth and have the life that they want for their family.


You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Listen to Tom, one of our valued clients, describe in his own words what it means to him to Build More With Mah™.