Marissa Mah

Marissa Mah, B.Comm. (Hons), LL.B, LL.M

Investment Associate

When Marissa was 17, she had jaw surgery. She was many years away from working in the family investment business, but as she was recovering at home, a client delivered some soup for her anyway. 
“That was the moment at which I said, ‘Wow.’  There are clients who care not just about my father, but about his whole family.  That reciprocal caring – they for us, us for them – is what makes me so happy about joining The Mah Investment Group.”
Marissa joins our team with an impressive track record of accomplishment in academia and private legal practice.  After earning a Bachelor of Commerce from Queen’s, she studied in the UK to obtain her law degree from Queen Mary, University of London, and then returned to Canada to attain her Master’s degree, in International Business Law, from Osgoode Hall at York University.  Upon graduating, she practiced corporate law at the largest business law firm in Peel Region, in areas including governance and mergers and acquisitions.
Her clients agree:  that is where she became a trusted advisor. As one puts it, “Marissa listened very closely, and she was very good at articulating the needs of my business. She is very personable, logical, responsive and practical.  And she clearly empathized with, and helped me with, the emotional side of business decisions.”
Just as Marissa guided her legal clients through something that can be mysterious and complicated, she is likewise in a position to do so in the investment world, where clarity and transparency are often lacking.
In her work as an Associate Investment Advisor, Marissa will be focusing on professionals of her generation, a cohort she sees as not yet convinced of the value of advice given by human beings.
“The promise of the online platforms is seductive but often mistaken,” Marissa says.  “Young professionals who use them are less likely to retire wealthier because they are missing the X factor:  advice from a human being, in our case backed up by decades of building clients’ assets from zero in 1987 to over half a billion dollars in assets under management today.”

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