Louise Chow

Louise Chow

Senior Investment Associate

“We have a lot of good sayings.”
Louise is referring to her Chinese heritage. Born in Hong Kong with Cantonese as her first language, she is especially fond of this expression: “We all live in an Earth village.”
And so, she is equally enthusiastic about The Mah Investment Group’s core purpose: 
We are here to care about each other.
“I think that is the meaning of our existence, really. We are all brothers and sisters, so we should be able to care for and help each other.” 
At a personal level, Louise sees it as a debt she must repay, as something she owes to the universe for being alive.  And how does she know if she is working effectively along that path?
When she receives recognition from her clients.  But counterintuitively, that recognition is not about her – it is about those very clients.  Louise sees it this way: when clients tell her not to retire too early, the key thing is that the client is very pleased with her work.  When clients tell her how relatable they find her, or how knowledgeable or how responsive, Louise again views it not as a boost to her ego, but as confirmation that the client is happy.
Indeed, along with every member of the Mah team, Louise takes nothing for granted, especially clients’ business.  She believes in always striving to do more for them and not seeing an end point.  “Accomplishment is in fact continued advancement,” she says.  “I have to keep building – for my clients and for myself.  It is almost like the sky is the ceiling.”
At The Mah Investment Group, Louise applies almost 20 years of experience in investment research, working with institutional clients and now in wealth management for her mostly Cantonese- and Mandarin-speaking client base. As someone who believes in versatility, she once ran a dollar store, dreams of driving a bus and would love to dance like Tom Hiddleston.

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