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What the next generation needs to know about money

Does being good at math mean you can direct your finances? Rebecca Clark, Director of Wealth Planning for BMO Private Wealth, isn’t so sure having a way with numbers is enough on its own....

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Fight the feelings: How emotions hold us back from making money

There’s not an investor on this planet who hasn’t felt the deep pit of despair when seeing their portfolio drop. That intense feeling of panic has caused countless people to sell out of stocks or do something else they wouldn’t otherwise normally do....

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Retirement Strategies to Stay Focused on the Long Term

No matter how often we’re told to prepare for stock market volatility, we are often greatly unnerved by it and wonder if there is anything that can or should be done in response....

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Strategies for Your Retirement Savings Plan

A TFSA is a multi-purpose, tax-efficient savings account that complements your existing retirement savings plan. Your TFSA contributions grow tax-free and can also be withdrawn on a tax-free basis at any time, and used for any purpose (i.e., a new ca...

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Planning For Certain Risks in Retirement

With the steady improvement in life expectancy, many more people will be around to celebrate their 90th birthdays than in the past – but will they have enough retirement income to last their lifetime? According to Statistics Canada, a 65-year-old man...

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Intergenerational Transfers of Family Businesses – Proposed Tax Changes

The Canadian tax legislation contains a number of anti-avoidance tax measures such as those which seek to prevent corporate ”surplus stripping,” that can create a higher tax cost on the transfer of a business to a family member versus a sale......

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6 Tips for Talking to Adult Children About Your Family’s Wealth

All parents, particularly those of affluent families, tend to avoid conversations with their adult kids because they fear confrontation, a loss of privacy or worry about their offspring becoming entitled and losing their motivation, says Forsythe....

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8 Tips to Bulletproof Your Will

In a perfect world, your final wishes would be carried out just as you wish. In Canada, you generally have testamentary freedom, which means you are allowed to distribute your estate in the manner you choose, as stated by your Will. However, there ar...

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Canadian Snowbirds and U.S. Income Tax

If you plan to spend your winters in the U.S., you should be concerned with more than just ensuring your passport is up-to-date and that your bags are packed. Snowbirds – Canadian residents who spend part of each year in the United States......

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When it Comes to Business Succession Planning, There’s No Time Like the Present

Between a pandemic, inflation, interest rates and potential recession, there’s not an entrepreneur on the planet who hasn’t had to tear up at least part of their business plan over the past three years. Now, with economic concerns continuing for the...

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