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What the next generation needs to know about money

Does being good at math mean you can direct your finances? Rebecca Clark, Director of Wealth Planning for BMO Private Wealth, isn’t so sure having a way with numbers is enough on its own....

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How to save for retirement when you’re running a business

Successful entrepreneurs do a lot of things well – sales, product development, executing big ideas – but many fall short when it comes to saving for their own retirement and addressing personal and family wealth planning....

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New Tax Reporting Requirements for Trusts

Trusts are powerful instruments in tax and estate planning. Broadly speaking, a trust is a relationship between a settlor and a trustee1 in which the trustee holds property transferred by the settlor for the benefit of beneficiaries, specified by the...

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2024 Personal Tax Calendar

While most Canadians are aware of the April 30 personal income tax filing deadline, there are other important tax deadlines that must be observed over the course of the year – especially if you want to take advantage of certain tax deductions and cre...

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Completing Your 2023 Income Tax Return Checklist

As the tax filing deadline approaches, below are some reminders to help ensure you’re prepared to file your personal income tax return, and that you maximize your tax savings. It’s important that you have all required tax documents before you prepare...

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Tips for Paying Yourself as a Business Owner

Every entrepreneur knows that to run a business, you need to be a jack of all trades. But while many business owners know how to tackle sales, marketing, finance and business development, most battle with the fundamental question of what they......

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10 ways to divorce-proof your assets and protect your wealth

No one gets married with the expectation of one day filing for divorce, but it happens to somewhere between 38% and 48% of Canadian marriages....

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Succession strategies for Canadian farmers

Farming in Canada is one of the oldest industries and still continues to play an integral economic role, domestically and beyond....

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The art of investing in art

Money doesn’t grow on trees, but you can hang it on your wall. Art has turned heads for centuries, but with valuations surging in recent years, some investors now admire their paintings as much for their ability to boost portfolio returns as they do...

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The art of transformational giving

Today’s economic climate is putting pressure on all of us in different ways. More and more people are turning to community organizations for support....

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