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New Tax Reporting Requirements for Trusts

Trusts are powerful instruments in tax and estate planning. Broadly speaking, a trust is a relationship between a settlor and a trustee1 in which the trustee holds property transferred by the settlor for the benefit of beneficiaries, specified by the...

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Estate planning for modern families in a post-Brady Bunch era

1969 was an influential year for many reasons – Woodstock, the first man on the moon, John Lennon’s bed-in for peace – but what no one realized at the time was the most important story was the one about a lovely lady and man named Brady....

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Intergenerational Transfers of Family Businesses – Proposed Tax Changes

The Canadian tax legislation contains a number of anti-avoidance tax measures such as those which seek to prevent corporate ”surplus stripping,” that can create a higher tax cost on the transfer of a business to a family member versus a sale......

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8 Tips to Bulletproof Your Will

In a perfect world, your final wishes would be carried out just as you wish. In Canada, you generally have testamentary freedom, which means you are allowed to distribute your estate in the manner you choose, as stated by your Will. However, there ar...

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When it Comes to Business Succession Planning, There’s No Time Like the Present

Between a pandemic, inflation, interest rates and potential recession, there’s not an entrepreneur on the planet who hasn’t had to tear up at least part of their business plan over the past three years. Now, with economic concerns continuing for the...

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Is it Time to Consider a Corporate Executor for Your Will?

Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That can-do attitude can get you far in life, but when it comes to estate planning, having a Will is often only a starting point. Without a trusted and reliable executor to distribute your assets in accordance wit...

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Why Trusts Are an Essential Tool for Wealthy Families

One way for high net-worth (HNW) and ultra-high-net-worth (UHNW) families to carve out an equal helping of the estate planning pie – and to reduce tension among family members – is with trusts....

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