TFSA Withdrawals and the Re-Contribution Rule

RRSP Withdrawals and the Loss of Contribution Room

Reviewing Your Legal Documents

Incorporating Permanent Life Insurance into Your Financial Plan

Incorporating Term Insurance into Your Financial Plan

Continuing POA for Property

RRIF Payment Calculation – Electing to Use Your Spouse’s Age

RRIF Accounts - Frequency of Withdrawals


RESP - Taxation on RESP Withdrawals

CPP - Options & Considerations

Critical Illness Insurance

Financial Plans

Spousal RRSP - Income Splitting & The Attribution Rule

TFSA - Beneficiary or Successor Holder?

How to Maximize your Charitable Donation

Reduce Tax Through Pension Income Splitting

Considerations When Choosing an Executor

JTWROS Benefits & Pitfalls

How to access funds from your Locked-in Account

Unused RRSP Contributions