Asset Mix Management


A key determinant to successful investing is an appropriate mix of assets - cash, stocks and bonds.

Using recommendations from BMO Nesbitt Burns' Research Department, we work closely with our clients to develop portfolios that are appropriate for them. As part of our long-term relationship, we will recommend changes to a portfolio mix if their personal circumstances change.


Tips You Can Use Today


Simple Tips That All Investors Can Use

  • Own Quality: Own good companies that do not carry a lot of debt

  • Get Paid: Invest in companies that pay dividends - This will help to reduce the effect of market volatility

  • Do Not Be Emotionally Attached To Your Investments: Base your decision on logic, reason, and well researched ideas.

  • Reduce Your "Interest Rate" Risk: Ladder your bond and GIC portfolio so that a portion of your investments mature each year or two – Cash will be readily available

  • Pay Less Tax: Structure your portfolio by using account location strategies

  • Plan Ahead: Consider using insurance products as a vehicle to protect your estate and your family