Wealth Management for Ultra High Net Worth Families

Navigating Wealth Management Complexities

Navigating the complexities of wealth management for Ultra High Net Worth families requires a bespoke approach tailored to each family's unique needs and aspirations. At Bongard Wealth Advisory, we specialize in providing customized wealth management services. This includes tax, trust, and estate planning, along with personalized wealth and cash management strategies. Our dedicated team collaborates with your legal and tax advisors to ensure a comprehensive approach to wealth preservation, growth, and legacy planning. By understanding and integrating your family's values and goals, we strive to safeguard your financial assets and honour the values you cherish, ensuring a lasting legacy for future generations.

Tax, Trust, and Estate Planning

Our Family Office approach begins with a collaborative wealth plan tailored to your family, blending your goals, concerns, and aspirations. This comprehensive process involves your legal and tax advisors to ensure an integrated wealth strategy that encompasses tax planning, legacy, wealth transfer, asset protection, philanthropy, and trust planning. Starting with a review of your current balance sheet and estate strategy, we work closely with you and your advisors to create a plan that embodies shared family values and focuses on long-term family interests. Our aim is to protect both your financial assets and familial values for future generations.

Customized Wealth Management

Guided by your bespoke wealth strategy, we craft a personalized wealth management plan. Utilizing BMO's industry-leading research and our cross-border platform, we provide custom solutions for both public and private market strategies that meet your family's specific needs.

Access to Private Market Opportunities

BMO Private Wealth provides access to premier private market strategies, leveraging BMO's connections with General Partners in the United States. Our strategy, inspired by the Yale Endowment Model, enables investment across various private market classes and vintages, offering enhanced diversification and resilience through different economic cycles.

Comprehensive Cash Management and Borrowing Strategies

Our team at BMO Private Wealth offers tailored cash management and borrowing strategies through our Private Bank partners, facilitating your daily transactions and access to liquidity.

Family Governance

We understand the complexities of family governance for HNW and UHNW families. Our team expertly addresses unique family dynamics, helps resolve conflicts, and promotes effective communication. Collaboratively, we develop a family mission statement that integrates shared values into your estate planning. Our expertise in managing the dynamics of intergenerational wealth transfer and conflict resolution is focused on preserving the integrity of your family wealth for generations to come.


Our team assists your family in developing a philanthropic strategy that creates a lasting legacy aligned with your values. From establishing a private family foundation to creating a comprehensive philanthropic plan, we ensure your legacy, encompassing mission, values, and objectives, involves future trustees and endures through generations.


Our family office approach skilfully balances sophisticated financial strategies with your family's unique dynamics and values. To discover how we can assist in protecting and enhancing your family's financial legacy, we invite you to contact us for a personalized consultation.