Meeting the wealth needs of dentists and their families

Our team specializes in addressing the complex investment and wealth planning needs of dentists and their families by deliver holistic wealth management services and banking solutions to help in every stage of your career. Between discussions of buying or starting your own practice when you are an associate, growing your practice and your personal wealth throughout your career, to discussions of retirement and selling your practice, our team is able to help guide you through each transition.

Managing a successful practice means focusing on your patients’ well-being, and having a team of financial professionals to provide timely advice and innovative financial solutions to keep both your personal finances and business operations running smoothly. 

Our team provides our clients with:

  • Personalized and Tax-Efficient Investment Management
  • Financial Planning for Each Stage of Your Career
  • Optimization of Assets and Income with your Dental Professional Corporation
  • Life and Disability Insurance Planning
  • Succession and Transition Planning
  • Will, Estate and Trust Planning
  • Philanthropic Giving
  • Coordination with your Tax and Legal Advisors


In partnership with our colleagues in BMO Private Wealth and BMO Commercial Banking

  • Private Banking with a Dedicated Personal Banker
  • Healthcare-Focused Commercial Banking with a Team of Banking Specialists who Understand the Unique Requirements of the Dental Industry
    • Business Acquisition Financing
    • Leasehold/Equipment Financing
    • Operating Financing
    • Real Estate Financing
    • Cash Flow Optimization
    • Practice Valuations and Succession Planning