Our Process

We maintain a holistic approach to managing your family's financial goals Determining, constructing and implementing the right financial strategy to achieve your goals is an evolving process that takes careful planning and execution. You want to be dealing with people who understand and care about where you are now and what you hope to achieve in the future. You also want access to a wide range of sophisticated tools and resources that will ensure your personalized strategy is the very best it can be.
At the Taylor Spies Wealth Management Group, you benefit from the advice of not just one advisor, but from a team of investment professionals. Each one of us will get to know you and your family in order to advise you from a well-informed position. Our unique team concept is particularly advantageous for our clients, providing them with broader financial insight. It’s part of our team’s commitment to developing relationships founded on the principles of simplicity, value and trust.
Our simple process below helps us get to know each other, understand your goals and construct the ideal financial strategy to help you achieve them.


  • Introduce our team and delineate our services

  • Articulate the specifics of the Taylor Spies process

  • Get to know the crucial elements of you and your family

  • Establish and prioritize expectations


  • Open accounts and investigate  your current investment circumstances

  • Define and refine your goals clearly

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of your current financial picture and identify necessary adjustments


  • Implement the agreed upon investment strategies, making the necessary changes to  your existing portfolio

  • Complete the financial planning process and review the findings with our team of dedicated estate and planning professionals


  • Review our recommendations together and come up with a clear and tangible plan

  • Begin the financial planning process to create a detailed estate and retirement plan based on your objectives


  • Schedule regular portfolio revies to confirm you are on track to meet your goals

  • Re-visit your financial plan as needed when goals change or life events happen

  • Adapt and modify your strategy as needed