Our Fees & Service

We believe that successful relationships are built on a foundation of trust, honesty and always keeping our clients’ best interests in mind. That’s why most of our clients’ portfolios are structured on a fee-based approach.

The BMO Nesbitt Burn Meridian Program (Meridian) is a fee-based structure that covers all the advice you receive and allows our team to assist you with achieving your financial goals through investment decisions based solely on your investment strategy.

Essentially, this means that you can buy and sell and adjust your portfolio without having to consider the cost of individual transactions.

Your fee, agreed to ahead of time, is calculated based on the value of assets managed by the Taylor Spies Wealth Management Group. This arranged fee provides a fair and accurate reflection of your holdings on a monthly basis. And unlike a commission on each transaction, management fees charged to non-registered accounts may be tax deductible.

BMO’s Meridian Program also offers you the investment flexibility of having registered, non-registered and corporate accounts grouped together in one customized program to reflect your personal requirements.

Your fee will be clearly indicated on each monthly statement and an annual statement will be provided to you at year-end to assist with your income tax preparation.