It’s all about knowing our clients

We believe that truly knowing our clients is the best path to helping them achieve their goals. We take the time to thoroughly understand their needs, aspirations, and deepest values. By learning what is important to them, we can ensure that their investment strategies are a reflection of both who they are and what they strive to accomplish.

For more than two decades, we have provided tailored portfolio management solutions to the families, institutions and foundations under our care. Our focus on customized investment portfolios centered on fixed income strategies has proven to be a solid strategy for our clients.

We have earned a reputation for delivering excellence and offering an unparalleled level of expertise. We are honoured that our clients recognize this by inviting us to partner with them on their journey towards financial peace of mind.


A comprehensive approach

Our greatest role is to protect and prudently enhance our clients’ financial future for generations to come. We do this by knowing our clients and thoughtfully guiding them through each life phase. This is the cornerstone and the first of three key principles in our comprehensive approach:

1. Knowing our clients to ensure we provide what they have envisioned in a way that is just right for them.

2. Providing tailored solutions and investment portfolios that reflect their unique objectives, risk tolerance and external holdings.

3. Building solid and trusting relationships by actively demonstrating our commitment to our clients: staying in contact, reviewing their financial affairs, and keeping up-to-date on changes in their lives.

Providing peace of mind means offering more than portfolio management solutions. In addition to investment management, our comprehensive approach includes an analysis of our clients’ entire financial situation and encompasses planning issues such as: retirement, tax and benefit compensation, trust and estate, and philanthropy.

Along with capital preservation, an important emphasis of our comprehensive approach is aligning our clients’ personal investment philosophies and value sets with their investment decisions. The result is that our clients and their families can go forward with peace of mind: confident in their financial future and in its complete alignment with their life goals.


A personal touch

Trust, integrity and a commitment to our clients’ wellbeing – these values create the foundation from which we build our long-term client relationships. We take the time to truly know our clients. We listen carefully. We ask questions. We clarify our perception of their concerns and aspirations. Then, we begin to develop their unique solutions. This is caring in action.

We care by providing tailored financial solutions – this is why our clients have chosen us to become their Trusted Advisors.



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