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Gerald Perron, FCSI, CIM
Jonathan Sénécal, CIM
Mathieu Bouthillier, CFA
Victoria Antzinas

1501, ave. McGill College
Bureau 3200
Montréal, QC
H3A 3M8

Our Services

Understand and adapt to each investor           

The quality of the Perron Group services is based on 3 key values: education, transparency and stringent standards. The objective of this approach is to bring a breath of fresh air to the current landscape surrounding investments. For all of our team members, it is important to understand each client and find a middle ground between reward and risk management. This translates to a personalized approach, under the supportive roof of one of Canada’s biggest bank.
Each portfolio is built according to the client’s profile in order to ensure that the investment objectives are realistically achieved. Always aware of the latest in the economy and financial sector, the advisors of the Group take pride in the personalized and tailored advice based on the most recent data available.

Furthermore, the group offers financial planning and advice to answer specific needs based on the individual’s view of his or her future. We are also able to offer some fiscal, estate or insurance advice through the many experts available to our clients free of charge.

Our very own portfolio manager

Our conviction is that our clients should have direct access to a portfolio manager in order to receive personalized account management. This is key in creating a strong link between our team and our client and creates a personalized experience in portfolio management.

Who are our services made for?

Our clients can be either passive or active investors; we have a solution for either.

An active client would need to be involved in investment decisions and wants to be aware of where they are invested specifically.
A passive client would not be involved in the day-to-day managing of the account and the portfolio would follow a profile established with the client. After that, our own portfolio manager would actively manage the account to meet those goals.