My Process

About My Process

•I take a consultative approach to working with you and continuously evolve it as your situation changes.

•My 5 step process includes:

1.Understanding your needs

2.Planning for your needs

3.Choosing your solution

4.Reviewing and communicating with you

5.Evolving and adjusting your plan

Understanding Your Needs

•Understanding your needs includes a detailed discussion on what your needs are including


a. Do you need growth?

b. Do you need capital protection? How much?

c. What is your retirement/estate plan?

d. Do you have specialized needs (i.e. Succession Planning, Financial Planning, Transition Planning)

Planning for Your Needs

•I will guide you through a careful planning process to help meet your needs and make your goals a reality.

•This includes:

–A review of your current financial position

–An analysis of issues that are most important to you

–The setting of priorities and identifying action items

–Involvement of other professionals, if needed

Choosing Your Solutions

•BMO Nesbitt Burns offers one of the most comprehensive selections of investment products and solutions in Canada, backed industry leading research. 


•I also have a wide range of wealth advisory services which go beyond investment solutions and address your broader needs.

Reviewing & Communicating with You

•On an ongoing basis, you will receive comprehensive information from me to keep you informed and up to date.

•You can expect detailed statements of your account, electronic access through Gateway®, our online client information centre, and face-to-face reviews on a regular basis.

•I review of all of my client’s accounts regularily.

Evolving and Adjusting Your Plan

•I will work closely with you to ensure that your investments and finances not only meet your current needs for income, growth and diversification, but also take into account your plans for the future and your family’s long-term security.