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Welcome to our September 2019 newsletter. In this newsletter, we have a selection of articles, including a few that we wrote ourselves, that we think may be of interest to you, your family and friends. Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think it may help. Furthermore, if you are having any trouble accessing any of the articles please let us know and we would be happy to assist.
We welcome any feedback that you may have or if you have any questions or wish to discuss more, we are always here to help.
Debbie, Chris, Mark and Rosemary
Aging & Aging Well: How Apps Can Help

Why not make your life easier? With many people deciding to live at home for longer in retirement, it is important to understand the financial and emotional costs associated with aging in place. This article on our blog takes a look at how easy-to-use technology and smartphone apps can help us maintain a high quality of life as we get older.


What to Do When You Keep Failing at Making Financial Changes

Firstly, you’re not alone in making promises to yourself and failing to see them through. Breaking bad habits is hard – but it’s worth it. The Simple Dollar outlines tricks that will allow you to break out of your bad financial habits and make the positive change you’ve been striving for.


The Surviving Spouse’s Guide to Estate Planning

Managing the death of your loved one is difficult enough, as is. Do yourself a favour and take proactive steps to reduce the financial, legal, and logistical stress that accompanies their passing.  This article on our blog highlights some things to do to smooth the estate settlement process and adjust to your new financial situation, so that you can properly focus on remembering your loved one.

The Other Midlife Crisis: Your Aging Parents and You

Are you taking care of your adult children and your aging parents? The emotional and financial burden of this can reach a crisis point if you are not properly prepared for this dual caregiving role. This article by Forbes gives you ways to manage their multiple demands while ensuring your health and sanity are not sacrificed.

Mixing Family & Business

Running a successful business is not without its challenges. Throw family into the mix and things have the potential to get even more complicated. While there is no uniform method of running a family business, this article on our blog hopes to provide you with some general advice that will put your family business on the path to success.
4 Terrible Financial Mistakes Empty Nesters Make (And How to Fix Them)

As the end of September approaches, parents who have just sent their children away to university may be beginning to experience the effects of ‘empty nest syndrome’. While you emotionally navigate this lifestyle transition, read this article to ensure that your finances aren’t suffering too.
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