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Welcome to our July newsletter. In this newsletter, we selected a few external articles that we think may be of interest to you, your family and friends. Additionally, we have included several new blog posts that cover a few common financial pitfalls of small business owners, CPP benefits and a general checklist to help you evaluate your finances when facing a transition. Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone you think it may help.
We welcome any feedback that you may have or if you have any questions or wish to discuss more, we are always here to help.
Debbie, Chris, Mark and Rosemary
How to Change Careers After 50 and Seize Success

This article features an interview with Dawn Graham, director of career management for the Executive MBA Program at The Wharton School, as she gives advice on switching careers in your later years, and how to find success on this next venture. Read more on this topic at Next Avenue.
Should I take my CPP early?
The decision of when to take your Canadian Pension Plan is personal and unique to your lifestyle needs, wants and overall health. I want to help you maximize your CPP and this involves understanding the personal factors that play a role in determining whether you should opt to recieve an early retirement income or defer your benefit. Read more on our blog.
A Quick Guide to Manaing Life's Financial Uncertainties
Here is a quick guide to managing life's financial uncertainties; whether it is sudden job loss, job transition, retirement and so on, this guide will help you to evalutate your current financial situation and plan for the future. Read more on your blog.
Financial Literacy is Important in Preserving Family Wealth

 One of the best ways to maintain your family's wealth is to get everyone within the family involved and working with a common vision. Attaining this goal, however, is often hampered by the fact that family members may have differing levels of financial knowledge and experience. Read more on this topic here.

 5 Financial Pitfalls That Small Business Owners Face

Small business owners often struggle to allocate enough time towards careful financial planning and research, which can lead to missed tax opportunities and inefficient transition preparation. What's most unfortunare is that these needless expenses and financial pitfalls could have been avoided with some sound advice and advance planning from a wealth advisor. Read more on our blog.
Sketch of the Month
This month's sketch highlights the benefit of diversification to achieve long-term results and reduce the risk in a portfolio. By choosing investments, such as stocks and bonds that are not perfectly correlated, we are able to reduce the risk in your account to make a more stable portfolio than either investment individually. The same goes for not having all of your investments in one sector, and by spreading your across different sectors so you 'don't have all your eggs in one basket'.
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