Banking Services

With our partners at BMO Harris Private Banking, BMO Commercial Banking, BMO Trust in Canada and BMO Wealth Management in the US, our team is able to help our clients with a variety of holistic banking services for their personal and corporate needs.

BMO Harris Private Banking

In Canada, with our partners at BMO Harris Private Banking, we are able to help our clients with their banking needs through the use of a dedicated Private Banker. With our services, you always have direct contact to work with, instead of having to call a help desk or go to a bank branch. Our Private Bankers are able to offer premium full-service and are able to help our clients with a variety of their banking needs, including:


  • Mortgages

  • Lines of Credit

  • Premium Banking Plan with many additional benefits

BMO Business and Commercial Banking

Through our partners at BMO Business and Commercial Banking, we offer many services specifically designed for the needs of business owners and incorporated professionals. Our commercial banking partners are able to help business owners, from small businesses to larger commercial clients, with all of their banking needs.

Our banking teams are able to help with traditional financial assistance like debt facilities or cash flow and deposit management solutions, as well as larger transactions like capital market transactions or mergers and acquisitions.

BMO Trust

With our partners at BMO Trust, we can help clients with a variety of additional services, ranging from personal assistance to more full-service management. Our services include:


  • Assisting with estate planning and executor duties

  • Assisting corporate executors or trustees

  • Managing executor and trustee duties


BMO Wealth Management USA

For our cross-border clients, we are able to offer all of the same banking services we have in Canada, including the ability to do lines of credit and mortgages through our partners at BMO Wealth Management USA. Since the Bank of Montreal is a cross-border bank, our Canadian and US teams are able to work together to provide seamless banking solutions for our clients, regardless of geography.