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Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship
Joint Tenants with Right of Survivorship
Business owners need to integrate their personal goals with the needs of their business as they journey through the various stages of their personal and business life cycles. With so much time and effort invested in the business, there is often little time left to address personal and family issues. A well-thought out wealth plan will help to identify a business owner’s personal and business needs and priorities.
The value of a wealth plan for a business owner
The gig economy in Canada is growing at a phenomenal rate that shows no signs of slowing down.
The gig economy
Living longer means that thoughtful and effective financial decisions should be made about retirement and estate planning goals.
The Aging Economy
This article provides information on how, and when, to withdraw funds from an RESP, as well as information on qualifying educational institutions and programs. In situations where the RESP beneficiary decides not to pursue post-secondary studies or leaves before completing a qualifying program, the subscriber of the plan must decide what to do with the money that has accumulated in the RESP.
Taking Money Out Of An RESP
Women are now the primary breadwinners in over 31 per cent of Canadian households.1 They continue to achieve greater success in the corporate world and are leaders in many professions. This article discusses the realities faced by women as they balance their professional and personal responsibilities, and how working with a financial professional who understands their unique needs, can help them reach their financial goals.
Women and Wealth
This article highlights relative investment and insurance options for three major life stages – starting out, the peak earning years, and approaching retirement.
Financial Considerations Across Life Stages
With your hard-earned degree in hand, most recent graduates are focused on securing full-time employment and building their career. In addition to these priorities, it’s also important to start planning for your financial future. This article outlines some considerations that can set a recent graduate on the path to long-term financial success.
A Lesson On Financial Considerations
This is a helpful resource summarizing important tax, retirement and estate planning information.
2024 Wealth Planning Facts & Figures
Make better investment choices by understanding and reducing bias. BMO Wealth Management provides insights and strategies around wealth planning and financial decisions to better prepare you for a confident financial future.
BMO Wealth Institute Report
A guide for philanthropic and charitable giving strategies.
Philanthropy and Giving Back
Take notice of millennials – they’re devoted, educated, and focused to succeed.
Generation Why!
Insurance Considerations for Business Owners and Incorporated Professionals
Insurance Considerations
Communication is essential in any relationship, and that includes being able to talk about money. In a BMO Financial Group study,1 Canadians cited conflicts over finances (68 per cent) as the primary reason why a couple might divorce; ahead of infidelity (60 per cent) and disagreements about family (36 per cent). Money has the potential to be a source of tension and conflict for any couple, regardless of their net worth. This article provides some suggestions to help you and your partner have more meaningful discussions around money.
Having Meaningful Money Conversations With Your Partner
Life is all about transitions, like graduation, starting a family, changing jobs, moving to a new home, raising a family, and eventually, retirement. While many of us successfully negotiate these transitions, retirement often poses the greatest challenge.
Retirement – what’s your game plan?
For most people, planning for retirement or their later years is focused mostly on finances and how they will spend their time. However, ensuring they spend those years in good health is something that many overlook. The times are certainly changing, with medical advances and technological breakthroughs, planning for retirement and living longer needs to be more holistic.
Living to 100 The Four Keys to Longevity