Our Fees


We firmly believe that it is important to align our motivations with that of our clients which is why product transparency is essential.

We primarily work on fee-based compensation. In most circumstances this proves to be both tax efficient and cost effective for our clients. There is no commission charged per-transaction. Costs for our advice, planning, or other related services are all fully included in this fee structure. We only receive a raise if your portfolio grows, which is always an attractive incentive, and the reverse would happen if we did not perform. It only seems fair, right? The establishment of ethical practice management is important in our business. People entrust us with their life's savings every single day. We do not take that lightly. Fee transparency and goal alignment are important factors in fostering the environment of mutual co-operation and success that we are striving to instill in our relationships.

So what do you get for this fee?

  • Ongoing strategic advice and investment discipline that aligns with your goals
  • Education about the available financial products, services and economic factors that affect your portfolio
  • Access to our industry leading financial planning, research and investment selection
  • Ongoing monitoring, reviewing and assessment of your performance relative to your risk tolerances
  • Regular financial reporting and regulatory compliance oversight by one of Canada’s leading financial institutions
  • Regular meetings, correspondence, and the time of our team members as you need it
  • Access to our network of professionals if needed (tax specialists, lawyers, etc.)
  • Services beyond investment management, such as:
    • Estate planning
    • Tax planning
    • Insurance consulting
    • Retirement savings
    • Educational savings
    • Portfolio management for businesses