Our Service Model


We believe that our clients need and deserve consistent and reliable investment management. Our clients tend to be very busy and active people, both in and out of retirement. Proper investment management should be the expectation when you are working with an investment and planning professional. How do we achieve this?


  • We provide regular contact with clients
    • Regular in-person reviews
    • Ongoing Digital Communications
    • Seasonal Newsletters
    • Quarterly BPWA Market Outlook Newsletters


  • We limit the size of our practice so that your relationship with us never has to feel limited
    • Far too often advisors with amazing talent stretch themselves too thin. We monitor and limit the number of families we can assist so that your service will never retract as a result of our shared success


  • Fully Inclusive Service
    • If you are our client, you get our full service. Whether it is investment, planning, transition or research related we provide all of our clients with full access to all of the tools that our team utilizes


  • Tailored Investing Solutions
    • We provide tailored management solutions through a range of programs that our clients are able to participate in


  • Online Account Access
    • As believers in the benefits that technology provides, our clients have access to all of their investments and transactions through our online Gateway system which allows them to track and view their portfolios day-to-day, online


A well-informed client can choose to be as engaged in their own planning process as they would like. By clearly providing information, we also give our clients the comfort of knowing they do not need to be involved if other life priorities take precedence. With our commitment to continual communication and high standard of service, our team is able to ensure that you are aware of the factors that affect your family’s savings.