What makes you unique from other Investment Advisors?

The Barks Pachkowski Wealth Advisory is unique on many levels. We believe our exceptional experience and expertise is a definite advantage to our clients. Our broad array of hands-on experience and education is complimented by our professional network, which we are able to access on our client’s behalf. This deeply improves our ability to solve and advise on complex or unusual situations. Even more important is our strong work ethic and passion for what we do. We operate our business in the manner we try to live our lives. By helping when we can, always doing right, and taking pride in what we do.


What is the typical profile of the clients you work with?

Typically our clients are successful pensioners, professionals, entrepreneurs and business people. We cater to multi-generational family dynamics, from retiring parents to growing young families. Our clients are people very much like us. People who want to protect their family’s future, while still recognizing the need to use the opportunities presented in balanced and measured strategies.


Where does your research come from for the investments you recommend?

A primary source for our portfolio research is provided to us by the internal research team here at BMO Private Wealth. Both the fundamentals research of BMO Capital Markets and the Portfolio Action & Research Team’s dynamic approach offer us access to some of the most intelligent research available in today’s marketplace. With a collective pool of over 75 analysts covering more than 900 stocks across diverse industry sectors and an excellent long-term track record, our investment decisions are backed by some of the best research available.


In addition to our internal research team we use several outside sources. These are as follows:

  • JP Morgan
  • Capital IQ
  • ValueLine
  • Morningstar
  • Cornerstone Macro
  • Bill Sherman & Associates


If the researchers are members of the BMO Team, are they biased towards BMO products?

Absolutely not, there are proper firewalls and procedures put in place to guarantee this never occurs. Although to ensure our information is all encompassing, we do use research from alternative sources as well. With that said our research team at BMO looks at opportunities from all around the world. Only institutions with the size, reputation and global reach of BMO have access to the expansive range of investments opportunities that exists in today's markets. When we review the recommendations that are brought to our attention through BMO's award-winning research team, it is extremely rare for their recommendations to be BMO specific investments.


Are you Independent?

We are fully independent in our choices and investment decisions. Working under the umbrella of BMO Nesbitt Burns provides us with access to world class research as well as to Investment Platforms and Investment Counselors from around the globe that only World Class Institutions like BMO have. There is no bias in our research towards BMO products or incentives for using BMO products in our practice. You as a client also have the security of knowing that while independent, we do still work within the regulatory structure and financial controls of BMO.


How easy is it for me to switch from my current advisor over to you?

The administration involved in moving your investments is usually a very straight forward affair. There is very little inconvenience to you as a client. We simply need to have you provide signed authorization which enables us to move the custody of the funds over to our team within BMO Nesbitt Burns. We take care of everything else for you.


What about the investment products I already have?

When transitioning a new family or entity to our management it is standard practice that we review each specific investment you currently hold and decide which, if any, should be held, and which should be sold. Your investments will be moved under our guidance without being altered so there is no risk of you being outside of your investment at an inopportune time. Any fees associated with the transition will be reimbursed by our firm. Behind every good investment decision lies a depth of experience and expertise backed by award winning research.


What is the payment structure for your services?

We prefer to work on a fee-based system. What this means is that you will pay a fixed fee no matter how many transactions you make in your account. There are no commissions charged or additional fees for your portfolio changes. In addition, financial planning, investment solutions, business, trust and estate advice are all provided to clients for this fee. We are committed to full transparency in everything that we do.


What can I expect for the fees I will pay?

Excellent and caring service is the first thing we hope you notice. You can expect a hard-working team of experienced advisors and administrators assisting you with the development of your financial roadmap. You will have a team of professionals working to ensure that you reach your financial goals as you take the necessary steps to begin amassing multi-generational wealth.