Our Services
Wealth Management Solutions We Offer

Financial Planning
Goal setting
• Cash-flow analysis
• Net worth assessment
• Investment planning
• Retirement planning
• Income and asset protection
• Estate planning
• Tax efficiency

Investment Planning
Establishment of investment objectives
• Asset allocation strategy development
• Portfolio design and security selection
• Ongoing investment management and advice
• Periodic portfolio reviews and rebalancing

Credit and Banking Strategies
Effective credit management –mortgage, line of credit, personal and business loans
• Cash management

Retirement Planning
Identify goals
• Evaluate cash flow planning
• Review financial plan stability
• Developing tax-efficient income strategies

Protecting Your Lifestyle (Insurance Strategies)
Income continuance planning
• Developing asset protection strategies

Legacy Planning
Assess current and potential estate value
• Determine obligations (debts, dependents, taxes and probate costs)
• Identify estate planning issues and opportunities

• Devise strategies to fund obligations and wishes

Tax Efficiency
Review current and future tax situations
• Uncover opportunities to save taxes or defer taxation
• Develop strategies to cover future tax liabilities

Business Financial Services
Business investment management
• Access to Commercial Banking Specialists
• Succession planning and business transfer assistance

Establish a donor advised fund or private foundation