What clients are saying about The Ross Group Wealth Advisors:


"I have known Larry for 25 years. He is one of the most honest, dependable and conscientious people I‘ve had the pleasure to be acquainted with. As a retired CEO of a publicly-traded financial services company with just under $2 billion in revenues at our peak, I have seen many approaches to financial security. Few advisors provide the kind of forward-looking, integrated approach to comprehensive long-term financial planning that Larry and his team regularly deliver. From robust, attentive portfolio management, estate planning and will supervision, to retirement strategizing, tax and accounting guidance, Larry is the rare long-term winning quarterback in an age of short-term performance.


Larry and I share a passion for continuous improvement and personal growth, and he’s always been a great sounding board for ideas across the board. We recently decided to purchase a vacation home in California, and Larry was instrumental in helping us with the myriad complexity, both financially and structurally, that came along with this cross-border acquisition. Most importantly, Larry has always been an anchor of integrity, invariably putting my best interests ahead of his own. I could not imagine a more advantageous approach to wealth management than that which Larry and his team provide.


- Mark Ram


“Larry Ross has been my trusted financial advisor for over 25 years. He is a knowledgeable professional who has continued to expand his expertise in a number of related fields such as insurance, estate planning and taxation.  Furthermore, he has ready access to the considerable resources of BMO Nesbitt-Burns for investment analysis, and other financial planning. Larry is friendly, accommodating and readily available. He carries out transactions in the most efficient and least expensive way.
He knows me well and understands my conservative nature and investment style and this has guided his investment strategies for my comfort level. When he had high conviction, Larry has nudged me out of my investment comfort zone, resulting in significant benefit to my portfolio. Larry has a tremendous office staff. They are pleasure to work with, and have been very accommodating.
Over the years, Larry has been a trusted effective financial advisor, who has looked out for my best interest.  I highly recommend him.”

- E Burke

“Larry has not only supported us hugely with his financial guidance, but he also woke us up to the very possibility of ‘life after full-time work.
During one of our check-in meetings when we were in our 60s, he asked us to say where we saw ourselves in 10 years – what would be our dream? As strange as it seems, we had never asked that of ourselves! We always thought we’d have to go on working (as meditation teachers) forever and life would simply continue as it was. Larry shocked us into reflecting about what is most important to us, what we wish for as we age. By encouraging us not to feel limited by what we thought was possible, by encouraging us to dream, he invited us to live from our hearts, to have the audacity and courage to set larger intentions about the future.
Larry said that his job is to figure out how we can actualize our dreams and he continues to support us in doing this. Thank you, Larry!”
 - Norman Feldman and Molly Swan, Meditation Teachers (mostly retired but still engaged with small groups).

“I have known Larry for 14 years. He has helped guide our family through many important life decisions through these years. We have developed a level of trust and respect so that I feel we can be very open and honest with one another. Our discussions have often gone beyond purely financial advice. I also really appreciate the great assistance that his team provides, they are a pleasure to work with.

Larry and I connect regularly and so I feel he is keeping our investment portfolio tuned appropriately to our current situation at any given time. For such an important advisor in life, it is especially nice to work with someone who you really like.”
- Doug Perry, Technology Executive  

"We are grateful for the work, professionalism and results that Larry and his team provide to the Foundation. Larry’s methodology and strategy has proven to be a great shield against losses thus far and we are benefiting from his approach, foresight and composure under challenging financial circumstances to say the least. Well done Larry and thank you!

We are truly proud and grateful to partner with you and we appreciate the fact that we get to enjoy this great working rapport with Larry & his team. They always make themselves available if we ever need anything and provide all of the documentation and reporting that we need as part of our process. Additionally, Larry takes time and care to share his thoughts, insights and expertise whenever we connect with him formally or informally if I just have a quick question. "

- Bryan 


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