Our Astute Approach To Investing


​​​Our team builds all-season, tax-efficient portfolios to thrive even through difficult markets. We take a consistent approach during all cycles and build premium-quality portfolios. While we strive for growth at a reasonable price (GARP), to invest in outstanding businesses we sometimes need to pay a premium price.

Striving for a good, risk-adjusted return, we look for strong balance sheets, good management teams, companies that can pivot nimbly and haven’t done anything foolish.

We are qualified to perform discretionary portfolio management, which frees you from having to make investment decisions and provides strict firm oversight.

We continually rebalance our portfolios to keep our numbers on track. For example, if you have growth targets and we propose 80% equities, we recalibrate to stick to that percentage. This is key to long-term success of the portfolio.

We have access to disciplined global managers and specialized fixed income managers to expand your investment options and diversification.

Our clients are willing to pay for premium service and appreciate all the services, consideration and coaching they receive for the fees we charge. Our fees are transparently disclosed on every statement. Few advisors are as determined to get people to do what needs to be done as we are. Fair warning: we may pester you in your own best interest.