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Personalized Portfolio Management




1 - Markets work
Having yet to find the crystal ball, an attentive and meticulous analysis of market history allows us to point out two evidences:

1) The permanent and undeniable upward trend of long-term markets;

2) The temporary nature of all of markets' declines throughout history - with no exceptions.

2 - Trying to beat the market doesn't work
Nobody can predict market fluctuations. Trying to do so means entering and leaving the markets at the wrong time and for the wrong reasons. Exceptional return periods are unfortunately missed. The industry calls this market timing. We call it speculation

3 - Investor behavior is the primary determinant of performance
The biggest risks associated with long-term investment are not related to the economy or the market. They are rather associated to the investor's excessive emotional reaction to current events. 

4 - Asset allocation is the second determinant of performance
As portfolio managers, we are convinced that fund allocation accross the various asset classes (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc.) is a key factor in the performance of your portfolio.

5 - Taxes matter
As far as your assets' growth or management during retirement, taxes can have a significant impact on your financial situation.  We can introduce you to strategies that minimize taxable investment income and maximize tax-deferred savings. 

6 - There are exceptional portfolio managers
We carefully select the best professional money managers around the world (Jarislowsky Fraser, Montreal; Lazard, New York, Walter Scott, Edinburgh, etc.). When appropriate, we complete our strategies with low-cost funds such as exchange traded funds (ETFs). This approach allows us to remain independent and objective advisors.