RT Wealth Management brings you 

boutique style wealth management,

financial advice and portfolio management

founded on time-tested principles.

1. It’s about you, the client.

Your wealth plan is tailored around your unique needs, dreams and aspirations.

2. The key to the success of any wealth plan is the foundation upon which it is built.

We lay the groundwork for your comprehensive financial strategy and will help you identify any obstacles or gaps that may need attention (eg. insurance needs, business succession planning, planned giving goals). With a broad spectrum of wealth management knowledge and expertise at our finger tips, we will help you to better understand all the options and scenarios, financial or otherwise, that could affect the success of your investment strategy and vision - and facilitate access to the appropriate product or service to help meet your needs.

3. Risk management is essential to your ability to ride out the storms.

We will help manage the trade-off between risk and return by recommending an asset mix that best reflects your investment goals and risk tolerance. Each asset class has unique risk and return characteristics, with higher expected returns generally correlating to higher expected volatility. A portfolio that's diversified across multiple asset classes can capture the growth potential of high-return asset classes while also managing risk through exposure to low-volaility asset classes.

Our years of experience allows us to understand your emotional risk tolerance, which so important but so ethereal.

4. Accountability to our clients is a cornerstone of our business philosophy.

Through constant communication and clear and regular reporting, we allow you to understand the impact of our investment activities on your portfolio.

5. Each client is equally important to us.

For each individual, we provide counsel on all facets of your wealth management, including your philanthropic desires, investing for the future, protecting your lifestyle, retirement planning and creating a legacy for your family and loved ones.

For every not-for-profit organization, we work in partnership with you, assisting you to meet your fiduciary obligations, to work within the values of your community and to benefit from planned philanthropy.