Online Account Access



Why wait for your BMO Nesbitt Burns account statement to see how your portfolio is doing? Whether you want to see your past account transactions, obtain a stock quote on a company profiled in the evening news, or check the status of a recent trade placed in your account - BMO Nesbitt Burns Gateway is there for you.*

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In addition to offering free, 24-hour access to your portfolio information, news, quotes, and charts, Gateway provides immediate access to your Investment Advisor and enables you to:

  • View your portfolio holdings in a single account or in a consolidated view.

  • View tax adjusted average cost and unrealized gain/loss information on securities in your portfolio.

  • Review up to 16 months of past transactions.

  • View the status of trades placed in your accounts in the past 48 hours.

  • Obtain 20-minute delayed quotes, charts and the latest news on companies of your choice.

  • Review contributions made to your registered account(s) in current and previous years.

  • Download your holdings or transaction history into applications such as Microsoft Excel.

  • View a customizable summary of the Canadian and U.S. values of your accounts on the Gateway home screen.

  • Nickname your accounts for immediate recognition and define the order in which you view them in Gateway.

  • Access** BMO Nesbitt Burns' top ranked*** Canadian equity and proprietary mutual fund research, as well as independent third-party equity research published by Standard & Poor's, and much more.


To learn more about Gateway's features or to sign up for Gateway access, please contact your Investment Advisor or fill out a request form available here or view the Gateway Users Manual

*The holdings summary in Gateway is prepared for informational purposes and is not an official statement of your positions at BMO Nesbitt Burns Inc.

**Online research through Gateway is available to qualifying clients.
Ask your BMO Nesbitt Burns Investment Advisor for further information.