David, I am glad we abandoned the "buy and hold” strategy a number of years ago. As an accountant, I see the investment results of many investors. The average investor is down significantly and I expect it will be many years before they recover their losses.

My experience is the typical advisor does not look for ways to improve their investment process, but you are different. You’ve created something that works, and I am impressed with the results.

Bob Lawrence

David, when we began working together 15 years ago, I found investing confusing and it seemed I was forced to make a lot of decisions based on your experience and my gut instinct.

Now, your approach is much more scientific and you have been able to catch market changes early. As a result, you move very quickly which relieves me from having to spend time to investigate and research on my own. Your results simply prove your tools work.

Bruce Andrew

I have had a relationship with David for many years, but adopted his ETF strategy in 2006. As a former pension manager, the primary attraction to the strategy was its focus on capital preservation. The tools David uses have been very effective in determining when we should be invested and where. As a result, my money was better protected in 2008, and is now positioned to take advantage of any upside opportunities. I am impressed with the process and the results.

Brian Feir

Since I implemented David and Anthony’s ETF strategy a number of years ago I have been able to sleep at night. I am no longer required to be involved daily with my investments. As a result, I can now spend my time on more important things, like retirement and travel.

The level of communication has been terrific, whether it has been on the telephone or the internet . David’s team is quick to respond to any of my requests, and I am impressed with their proactive process of managing my money. They have done an excellent job in protecting my wealth, especially when I compare my results to others I know who have been trying to manage things on their own.

Al McClughan

I’ve been working with David for over 20 years. For the first 16 years together we experienced some great returns when markets were good, but suffered in downturns, especially in 2000-2002.

In 2006 David introduced me to his ETF strategy and my results immediately changed. He uses a number of risk measurement tools and a dependable process that is quick to react to changing market conditions. His proactive strategy has provided me with a far safer methodology to growing and protecting my money.

Mike Garde

We’ve been working together with David and Anthony since 2005. The relationship with each of the team members is the primary reason we continue to work together, and we are constantly impressed with the level of accessibility to everyone on the team. Their attention to detail and prompt service is very much appreciated.

The team executes a well defined, unique and through investment process. We have enjoyed excellent results, and our 2008 results simply illustrate the effectiveness of their investment process under dubious market conditions. To be down slightly more than 2% in 2008 says it all.

Marg and Stan Rydzik

For over 20 years my father dealt with David, as well a number of other advisors globally. After my father passed away, I interviewed three advisors including David to determine who was best suited to help me achieve my financial goals.

I chose to work with David because of his proactive nature, as well his investment process. Other advisors focus almost all their time on individual stocks or mutual funds, yet David uses a logical and systematic strategy for selecting ETFs around the world. What I like the best is that each position is reviewed daily to ensure that the risk profile of each investment has not significantly changed. If it has, I know I will hear from him immediately. His active investment management has produced excellent results in both good and bad markets.

Mark Beukers

'First, thank you very much for managing my assets during this tough time. Compared to my friend’s losses, typically twenty-five percent, mine seem miniscule. Thanks again.

The press pushes the old adage ‘don’t have all your eggs in one basket.’ Based on Madoff and the like, it is a wise golden rule. It seems that you may be the one that proves the rule. I only have one money manager and I do not intend to change.'

Jim Roe

'You were correct when you said that you are doing things differently than most financial advisors. Most times when people make this statement, there is nothing exceptional about what they do but you are taking a different look at things. It took me a little while to digest what is happening, but I am starting to get the picture. Given what has transpired in the markets, even in the past few days, makes your approach that much more interesting.'

Dr. Brian Kelemen

"I have known you as a competent investment advisor for many years but you have evolved to the point where I view your services more as a professionally managed investment fund than a traditional advisor today. For this reason you are one of maybe 5 advisors that I would refer family money to. And I know a lot of advisors! Congratulations Dave, I knew you’d get there.”

James Wanstall