The Biddle Johnston Wealth Management Team knows that proper wealth management begins long before we start talking about the numbers. 



It starts with taking time to discuss and understand your values, your aspirations, your current situation, and how these affect the people around you that matter most in your life.

This knowledge is crucial to developing a plan that fits you perfectly now and can grow to meet your needs.

Our team offers extensive services to suit all of your wealth management needs. From Retirement and Financial Planning to Estate Planning, from Insurance to Mortgages and everything in between, we have the professional to help you achieve your financial goals and your life goals.

For some investors, maintaining a traditional account doesn’t suit their needs or lifestyles. These individuals prefer to enter into a relationship with a personal Portfolio Management Team to take them to the next level of investing. You have the peace of mind that comes from having a direct connection to the people making the investment decisions. It is a win-win situation.

Ken and Stephen are Portfolio Managers, meaning they trade on a discretionary basis for the majority of their client base. This means they are Fiduciaries and thus have a legal responsibility to act with care, honesty, good faith and always in the best interest of their clients. Investment decisions, therefore, must be independent and free of bias. The result is a higher level of trust placed on Portfolio Managers. They will assess your needs, design an investment strategy, and demonstrate a total commitment to acting in your best interests every step of the way.

Stephen and Ken believe that risk management is not a choice, but a necessity. While they cannot control how much downside the market provides during a correction, they can control how much of the downside your account receives. They aim to avoid 60% or more of the decline in any significant downturn. Without their process, there is a good chance you will experience 100% of the downside from the market. They will help you navigate the risks and rewards of the market so that you can stop worrying about your money and start living your life.

What Are Discretionary Portfolios  

A systematic, rules-based discretionary portfolio operates within a regulated fund structure to make investment decision on behalf of clients.

But what exactly does this mean? Let's break it down into simple terms!

Systematic Approach

This means our process relies on a set of predetermined rules and strategies to guide its investment decisions. The rules are established based on extensive research and analysis, taking into account various factors such as market conditions, economic indicators, and historical data.

Decision-Making Process

The portfolio's investment decisions are made based on the rules and strategies set by the investment advisors - Ken and Stephen. These rules outline specific criteria for buying, selling, and holding investments. The decisions are objective, and driven by rules rather than emotions and personal biases.

Regulated Fund Structure

The portfolio complies with specific rules and regulations set by regulatory standards. These regulations aim to protect investors and ensure transparency, accountability, and fair practices within the fund industry.

Client Benefits

By investing in a regulated fund structure, our clients gain several benefits. First, they can have confidence in the integrity and oversight of the fund, as it adheres to regulatory standards. Second, the fund structure provides diversification by pooling investments from multiple clients, reducing risk through a broader range of assets. Finally, the regulated structure allows for professional management and reporting, ensuring transparency and accountability to our clients. 

Risk Management

Our systematic, rules-based approach includes risk management strategies. The portfolio's rules take into account risk tolerance, market volatility, and other factors to determine appropriate investment allocations. This helps in managing and mitigating risk, aiming to protect our client's investments and optimize returns within the risk parameters.

Portfolio Monitoring and Adjustments

The portfolio is continuously monitored to ensure it remains aligned with the established rules and strategies. Investment managers regularly review the portfolio's performance, market conditions, and any changes in rules to make necessary adjustments. This ensures that the portfolio stays in line with its objectives and adapts to evolving market dynamics. 

Compliance and Reporting

The regulated fund structure requires regular reporting to clients and regulatory authorities. This involves providing periodic updates on the fund's performance, holdings, and any change in investment strategies. Compliance with regulations help maintain transparency, accountability, and investor confidence.