Insurance Planning is essential to holistic wealth plan...

Insurance Considerations for Individuals

Insurance is so much more than covering unforeseen accidents with your car or in your home. Holistic wealth management that our team provides looks at insurance for your financial well being as well. From illness to disability – even death – these obstacles can occur at the most unexpected times and can cause overwhelming stress and financial hardship for your family. Our team partners with our Insurance Department and looks at the entire wealth picture for you and your family, and together with you, we find the best policy to protect you and your loved ones from substantial financial loss.

Insurance Considerations for Individuals 

Estate Preservation

Like most Canadians, our intent when we pass on is to leave a legacy – whether it be with our children, grandchildren, charity or beyond, we typically try to leave some footprint behind to make a difference. Having an in-depth and thorough Estate Plan is essential to ensure you are leaving behind the most that you can to help those you leave behind.

This article asks the questions you may never have thought of. It’s worth a look to see if you’ve asked yourself these questions while drawing up your Estate Plan with your Financial Advisor.

Estate Preservation

Individual Investment Shelter Strategy

Meet Louise and Marie!

This couple has worked hard and have a solid retirement plan in place. They now have to consider how they will leave behind their remaining wealth once they pass. You can read about how they’ll minimize their taxes and maximize their estate size in a simple, yet sensible way.

Individual Investment Shelter

Registered Asset Preservation Plan

You can use insurance to essentially eliminate estate taxes! John and Mary have a great plan in place in the attached scenario to ensure the government doesn’t acquire nearly half of their estate upon their deaths.

Registered Asset Preservation Plan

Insured Retirement Strategy

Meet John and Sylvie! This couple has leveraged a life insurance policy to help fund their retirement!

Registered plans only go so far for tax deferrals. If you find yourself in a position where you are able to maximize your contributions limits annually, and yet you still have more money to invest, you may want to consider an insured retirement strategy. It’s like a pre-paid credit card to use in your retirement years, should you need them, and when one spouse passes, a potentially substantial amount could be left to the surviving spouse.

Insured Retirement Strategy

Critical Illness & Disability

Our greatest and most valuable assets is usually ourselves, our human capital both intellectually and physically – it allows us to earn a living and to live the life we aspire to. This allows us to use our greatest tool – money – to build a strong foundation of wealth that can take us into a healthy retirement.

However, life can throw its curve balls and when a sudden and severe disability or illness strikes, it impacts our ability to earn a living can impact our tool as well.

Insurance is so important in helping us manage these risks and protect our tools and our well-being.

Critical Illness Disability

Critical Illness Insurance

Disability Income Insurance

Insurance Considerations for Business Owners and Incorporated Individuals

Insurance is generally thought of as a risk management tool; however, as a business owner or incorporated professional, insurance can provide multiple benefits, including the potential for significant tax savings. This article looks at three insurance strategies that can be implemented into your financial plan to supplement your retirement savings, help protect your business, and help you maximize the value of your estate.

Insurance for Business

Corporate Investment Shelter Strategy

An investment strategy using tax-exempt life insurance. 

Corporate Investment