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Hello! Ashley & Lisa here - the ladies behind the scenes that make the magic happen!


Together, we work with Stephen and Ken to help our clients with their ever-changing needs to their wealth and their life journeys.

It's no secret that women approach wealth differently than men. Lisa and I can attest that we often view topics around finance quite differently from the guys. As a woman, I tend to put more emotional thinking behind my savings, my spending, and everything else in between.

Taking back our independence

It's time put our fears aside, leave our misconceptions behind and start learning more when it comes to the financial world! 

Start getting involved with the annual portfolio reviews, ask as many questions as you can, and remember there's always room to learn and understand more. When we speak of Life Transitions, we fail to mention how much more they affect women, and it's because of this that we want women to be present when implementing and reviewing their wealth plans as well. By being proactive and learning how to make better financial decisions, we'll be better prepared to handle all of the eventualities life is going to throw at us - both good and bad!

Our team can help by taking the stress of financial oversight off your shoulders and offering instead a peace of mind with our process - knowing your investments are being managed properly with your preferred risk in mind. Taking care of ourselves financial can seem like a huge burden to tack on to our already hectic lives, but doing so is essential to our financial freedom and well-being. We can make that easier by providing guidance, insight, and resources.

In short: We Believe in You!


We're here to help you take the next steps on the path to your successful financial future and we know you're up for the challenge! Whether it's embarking on an overdue review of your financial situation or assessing if you're still on the right track to achieve your goals, we have a way to help you.

A Guide to Choosing a Financial Advisor

Take Control of Your Finances

Did you know that only about 56% of women have written a financial plan? Developing a financial plan will help you better understand where your money is going, how much you'll need to fund your goals, and what you need to do to keep your money growing. It can also provide a snapshot of how much money you have today and how long it will last, depending on the choices you make. The World Economic Forum polled Canadians and found women are 1.5 time more likely to retire in poverty. We also on average save 30-40% less than men - this is a shocking statistic! It also proves now, more than ever, women need to take charge of their financial future.

Women and Wealth


Research suggests that women tend to be more conservative with their investment choices as opposed to men - who engage in 45% more trading activity than women.


The above linked study is from the late 90s, but we feel strongly that it this is still applicable today. Men tend to make riskier trades, and they trade more often. They'll also be more likely to take action if they aren't happy with portfolio performance and are much more likely to call their financial advisors with their own suggestions before hearing the professional speak on the matter.

Women, on the other hand, tend ot more risk-averse and plan more long term - which makes complete sense when you think about it. Women on average take care of the family (in-laws included!); we plan our children's days, we take them to after-school activities, their appointments, we take care of the holiday and birthday shopping for everyone the family knows, we plan outings, arrange sleepovers, we cook, we clean AND we work full time jobs. 

We are tasked with seeing the whole picture in all that we do - and this way of thinking carries over to our finances. We see the end goal and we have set up plans to help get us there, but one major roadblock tends to hinder us: Financial Literacy.

As I mentioned above, our plates are quite full of our day-to-day management of the household and our family's lives. So, when our partners offer to take the worry of financials off of our plate, we let them! After all, we love having one less thing to worry about.

However, we are doing ourselves a HUGE disservice. Passing off the finances usually means we keep them in our blind spot and never really come back to it to understand where we are with our Financial Plans, our Retirement Goals, and even our Estate Planning and Insurance Planning. This only compound as we get older as we feel left behind and fear asking the questions to catch us up.

Stepping Over the Pay Gap 

Suddenly Single

Separation, divorce, and losing a spouse are all difficult life events - both for emotional and financial reasons. Typically, the transition from being married to being single has a negative financial impact on women, and even though it has become more commonplace, you might still end up feeling very alone. Dealing with the financial and emotional aspects of being unexpectedly single can be challenging. Whatever your situation, we're here to help.

Suddenly Single

Creating a Contingency Plan to Protect your Business

Retiring Well


In Canada, women centenarians outnumber men centenarians 5 to 1. The average age of widowhood is only 56. And on-third of women are very concerned about maintain their standard of living in retirement.

When you consider these statistics and factor in the role that women regularly play as the family's relationship manager, it becomes clear that women must have the financial means to continue meeting their needs, well into the future. 

Here are some tips to ensure you take the steps today that will help you makes the most of your retirement.

Women and Retirement