The Biddle Johnston Wealth Management Team knows that the most effective financial advisory relationship starts long before we look at the numbers. Long before they start talking dollars and cents, they are taking the time to talk about YOU.


It starts with taking the time to discuss and understand your values, your aspirations, your current situation, and how these affect the people that matter most in your life. This knowledge is crucial to developing a plan that fits you perfectly now and can grow with you to meet your needs.

For some investors, maintaining a traditional account doesn’t suit their needs or lifestyles. These individuals prefer to enter into a relationship with a personal Portfolio Management Team to take them to the next level of investing. You have the peace of mind that comes from having a direct connection to the people making the investment decisions. It is a win-win situation.

Ken and Stephen are Portfolio Managers, meaning they trade on a discretionary basis for the majority of their client base. This means they are Fiduciaries and thus have a legal responsibility to act with care, honesty, good faith and always in the best interest of their clients. Investment decisions, therefore, must be independent and free of bias. The result is a higher level of trust placed on Portfolio Managers. They will assess your needs, design an investment strategy, and demonstrate a total commitment to acting in your best interests every step of the way.

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They are unique in the retail investment landscape because they trade the same way as large institutions. The problem with the average retail investor is that they almost never get to experience this level of investing because the vast amount of money is managed under the buy, hold and hope mutual fund strategy.



Their investment strategy has provided financial security to their clients in both good and bad markets. They use a diversified long term investment strategy that tries to anticipate the markets in order to maximize your gains and  protect your assets. They believe that risk management is not a choice but a necessity They will help you navigate the risks and rewards of the markets so that you can stop worrying about your money and start living you life.
Their clients can choose from three different discretionary model portfolios. Discretionary investing leaves the entire buy and sell decisions to the portfolio managers. They need the ability to buy or sell when their process dictates. Model portfolios ensure all clients in each portfolio purchase and sell the same positions at the same time and price.

They follow the Counter-Intuitive Investment Model. They are rules-based, and they do not make decisions based on feelings or emotions. They assess the reward to risk in every trade and the probability of each trade making a profit.   

They use the structure of the market to determine where they take profits and where positions are entered. Downside breaks of trading ranges demand action. 

They rotate assets classes and do not have fixed allocations. Their asset allocation varies depending on market conditions. When they are bullish, and the markets offer a favorable reward to risk exposure, then there is more significant exposure to stocks. When they are bearish, they have a large percentage of allocations to cash to protect you from further market declines.

While they cannot control how much downside the market provides during a correction, they can control how much of the downside your account receives. They aim to avoid 60% or more of the decline in any significant downturn. Without their process, there is a good chance you will experience 100% of the downside from the market. 

They want the opportunity to show you how our process will help you.

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