360-degree wealth leadership from one of Canada’s most sophisticated advisory teams


The Zukor Investment Group is a client-focused and multi-faceted advisory team at BMO Private Wealth, one of Canada’s premiere wealth management firms. We operate according to a strict code of excellence that helps our clients to enjoy, grow, protect and transfer their wealth. With industry-leading credentials, experience and expertise, we develop comprehensive financial solutions to help families and organizations to meet their needs and achieve their goals.


Our affluent clients range from very young professionals and entrepreneurs building practices and businesses to senior retirees who wish to maximize their family legacies. Many of our clients are in the real estate industry. We also advise non-profit institutions, trusts, charitable endowments and estates.


Through high-value discussions with you about your personal financial situation and mindset, we will gain a deep understanding of you and your needs and then structures a portfolio uniquely suited to you and your family or institution.

With deep respect for our busy, successful clients, we have developed the ideal infrastructure to deliver results and address complex needs. While building portfolios is our key focus, we will also hone your estate plan, advise on family issues, and make connections at BMO Private Wealth with high-level tax specialists, Commercial Bankers and other professionals.

Work with us to maximize your portfolio while minimizing tax and risk, plan proactively for life’s opportunities and potential pitfalls, plan an estate to transfer your wealth seamlessly and tax-efficiently to your loved ones and chosen causes, and manage your wealth with confidence and ease.
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