Not just any wealth manager. YOUR Wealth Manager.

Imagine spending the best years of your life enjoying every moment in peaceful joy, knowing that every detail has been discussed, analyzed and planned with and for you.

We could help you fulfill this dream. Think of what it would mean for you, for your family, for your peace of mind.

Welcome to Larivière Group, Wealth Management.

We understand that our role goes well beyond strategic planning and optimal asset allocation. Our clients entrust us with their most cherished dreams, their retirement for which they worked so hard over the years, their heritage and their legacy to future generations.

We are honoured to take on this responsibility with a keen sense of our mission.
This is why we provide our clients with a fully integrated wealth management approach that encompasses asset management, wealth protection, tax optimization and estate planning. No detail is left to chance.

Our motto: Predict the unpredictable.

Because our priority is YOU. To let you fully enjoy life today while planning for tomorrow.

Contact us to discover how we can make a difference for you. ❒ ❒ ❒