Our Philosophy

Capital preservation and long-term growth

You’ve worked hard to build your wealth, and we are committed to handling it with the greatest care.

The golden rule of our philosophy is to promote capital preservation and long-term growth in order to provide you with an outstanding client experience.

Our approach is value- and quality-driven, with an emphasis on bottom-up fundamental analysis. We prefer to invest in well-run companies that pay stable dividends or are on track to do so, have strong balance sheets and lead their industries with sustainable competitive advantages. This philosophy allows us to focus on capital preservation.

At the same time, our management style combines growth and value investing principles. As such, we aim to find companies that have consistent earnings growth but are not trading at overly high valuations.


Our commitment to you:


  • Treat you with respect, dignity and honesty.

  • Work with you to understand your goals and your tolerance to risk.

  • Fully explain our proposed investment strategies to you.

  • Communicate and collaborate on a regular basis.


Wealth management is about much more than money.